Production and testing

Test Center
  • Laboratory panorama
    Laboratory panorama
  • Initial viscosity tester
    Initial viscosity tester
  • Vancometer
  • Thickness gauge
    Thickness gauge
  • Electronic scales
    Electronic scales
  • Special viscosity tester
    Special viscosity tester
  • The coefficient of friction tester
    The coefficient of friction tester
  • Haze meter
    Haze meter
  • Tension tester
    Tension tester
  • Quality inspection equipment
    Quality inspection equipment
  • Friction coefficient tester
    Friction coefficient tester
  • Fog tester
    Fog tester
  • Gloss tester
    Gloss tester
  • Sampling apparatus
    Sampling apparatus
  • Heat sealing apparatus
    Heat sealing apparatus
  • Thickness gauge
    Thickness gauge
  • Thermal contraction apparatus
    Thermal contraction apparatus
  • Melt index instrument
    Melt index instrument
  • Tear apparatus
    Tear apparatus
  • Roughness tester
    Roughness tester
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