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Yuyao to Promote the Development of E-business

The other day, Yuyao held a meeting on the topic of the development of e-business. At the meeting, Xi Ming, Vice Secretary of Yuyao Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Yuyao, emphasized that the city should speed up the development of e-business and turn the city into one powerful in e-business and make it a new dynamic for the economic and social development. Lu Jianguo, Vice Mayor Yuyao Municipality, chaired the meeting.


Xi Ming pointed out that in today’s world, e-business is fastest developing, most energetic and most penetrating strategically emerging industry, and that it is now a strategic choice for a country or a region to raise its comprehensive competitiveness. Yuyao started quite early in e-business and it is in general good in the development in this respect. However, on a higher level, the city still has the problem of small in scale and insufficient awareness in the application of e-business. all related department should be fully aware of the significance of e-business in economic and social development, industrial upgrading and growth of the market. So the city should make greater efforts, adopt workable measures, and promote the development of e-commerce.


At the meeting, Xi Ming emphasized that following the principle of “improving the development environment, the supporting system, the regional features and innovation of development mode", the city should concentrate on the development of the staple commodity trading services, strengthen the construction of the gathering district of e-businesses, and speed up the construction of a highly efficient e-business industrial chain, so as to realize a high-level integration of e-business and real economy. The role of the government should be strengthened, the construction of e-business platform should be quickened, the problem in e-business should be efficiently solved, and the role of the government and the professional associations should be stressed. Relying on the distinctive features and resources of the industries of Yuyao, the city should make great efforts to promote the on-line markets for factors of production, the markets of special commodities, the international and e-business gathering districts, and the city should have its own famous brands in e-commerce. Xi Ming pointed out that all the enterprises should take the good opportunities for the development of e-business, be more innovative, attract more talents, so as to speed up the application of e-commerce, and make breakthroughs in e-business.


With the meeting also opened the opening ceremony of Yuyao E-business Industrial Park and the Yu-Ci School of Commerce. The supporting policies to e-business of Yuyao were also popularized.