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China Plastics Expo in the Eye of the Merchants

 The International Conference and Exhibition Center of China Plastics City once again became crowded with merchants from various places. The annual exhibition attracted crowds of merchants to promote their products.


1In Exhibition Hall 4 of plastic materials, there were continuous flows of visitors. Liu Xia, from Changzhou Gelin International Trade Company, was very busy. She said that her company was established this year. Because her company has trade through the Zhejiang Plastic City Online Trade Market, they learned about the expo and that’s why she came to Yuyao. “It’s really very nice here. “We can learn more about the market and know more customers.”


In Exhibition Hall 4, Zhou Shunchang, from First Foundation said, the “China Plastics Expo is quite influential in the region. Yuyao has so many plastic manufacturing enterprises. There are so many purchasers coming to the exp. This is very good for our company to open up the market.”


In Exhibition No.5, Chai Yonggui, General Manager of the East China Department of Yizumi Precision Machinery of Guangdong, said, “Though our company has a history of only 11 years, it has developed very fast and today it ranks the 3rd place in the industry in the country. We come to Yuyao for we have great expectation for the huge market in the Changjiang River Delta.” He said, “This is the third year we come here and we have good returns every time. We have got lots of orders and we’ll get more. In the last year, we got orders valuing about 600,000 yuan and through the expo, we had sales of about three million yuan.”


Ningbo Kangshi Plastic Company has 16 standard exhibition stalls in Exhibition Hall 1. Wang Yongwang, Vice General Manager of the company said, “The rapid development of Kangshi in the past years is indispensible with China Plastics Expo. “We’re building more plants. In the years to come, we will have greater market share.”