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China Plastics City Decided the Targets for This Year

The other day, China Plastics City held a meeting of about 300 responsible persons of large enterprises and the Administrative Committee of China Plastics City, to sum up the work in the last year, and discuss the work of this year. Lu Jianguo, Vice Mayor Yuyao Municipality, attended the meeting.


In the past year, China Plastics City made new progress. It made new records in both the transaction volume and transaction turnover and it also made new progress in construction projects and R&D. China Plastics City won such honors as “Top 100 Commodity Markets of China”, “Demonstrative Standardized Market”, and “Demonstrative Creditable Market”. The on-line market was honored as “Zhejiang Provincial Enterprise in Standard Innovation”, and “Zhejiang Top 10 E-business Enterprises”. Jingyuan Trade Co., Ltd. was listed in the top 500 private foreign trade enterprises of China.


The meeting drew up the targets for this year: the market turnover of China Plastics City should reach 107 billion yuan; the transaction volume should reach 8.95 million tons, increased by 9% and 7% respectively year on year. 1130895To fulfill these targets, China Plastics City will concentrate on strengthening the real market and the on-line market.