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Liu Hongwei Visiting China Plastics City

        On July 31, China Plastics City was visited by a team of over 10 national, provincial and municipal officials including Liu Hongwei, Vice Director of the Market Standardization Division of the State Bureau for Industrial and Commercial Administration, Zhang Zhiyi, Director of the Market Department of Zhejiang Provincial Administration of Industry and Commerce and Zhang Guoqian, Vice Director of Ningbo Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce. Jiang Dibo, Director of Yuyao Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce, was in the company.


Liu Hongwei listened to the report of China Plastics City by Xu Feng, Director of the Administrative Committee of China Plastics City, to learn about the conditions and future development of China Plastics City. The visiting team learned in detail about the Zhejiang Plastic City Online Trade Market and their suggestions and it fully confirmed the work and measures China Plastics City has adopted in the on-line market.